Is Filing Chapter 7 Right for You?

Consult a Passaic Chapter 7 Attorney

If you are thinking of filing Chapter 7 in Passaic, Woodland Park, Little Falls, Clifton or Paterson, you need to speak with a bankruptcy attorney in  before doing anything. If you have debt that you cannot pay, have creditors on your back and need to get out from under a mountain of debt, then a Passaic Chapter 7 attorney can help dig you out.

For 35 years De Simone & Associates has been helping clients start fresh. By recommending and structuring the appropriate bankruptcy plan for you, we can help you get that fresh start. There are a number of options available and only a qualified Clifton Chapter 7 attorney can guide you correctly.

What is Chapter 7?

When declaring Chapter 7 you are legally stating that you are unable to pay off your debt. There are specific financial guidelines that must be met in order to file. A means test is usually used to determine if you meet the guidelines. The first step is to determine if your income is above or below the median income in your state for a family of your size. If it is below, you qualify for Chapter 7. If above, the next step is to determine your disposable income. Your disposable income must fall below a certain level for you to be eligible.

The means test is not complicated when you have Paterson bankruptcy attorney Alphonse De Simone at your side. When you see him for your free consultation, the Clifton personal  bankruptcy attorney crunches the numbers and tells you if you are a candidate for Chapter 7.

What happens next?

Once your personal bankruptcy attorney in Passaic has determined your eligibility, the papers can be drafted and filed. Once the Chapter 7 petition is signed and filed with the clerk of the United States Bankruptcy Court, an automatic stay is issued. This protection order bars your creditors from harassing you any further. That means no phone calls, no letters, no garnishing wages.

After filing the petition, you receive copies of all documents and a notification of when to appear for the meeting with the trustee assigned to your case, where you will be asked some questions. Within three or four months of the meeting you should receive your Order of Discharge which absolves you of all your debt. You will never have to pay it and your creditors will no longer come after you. Your personal bankruptcy attorney in Paterson guides you through the entire process.

If you think Chapter 7 is right for you, call a Clifton personal bankruptcy attorney

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